Court cracking is the most common occurrence for asphalt-based outdoor courts.  While the expert construction, installation, and maintenance will prolong the life of an outdoor court, cracking will eventually happen.  That is why we recommend a court be resurfaced every five to seven years.  Courts should be pressure sprayed annually, and any cracks need to be repaired as soon as possible.  

The cheapest option for repairing court cracking is our crack-filler installation option.  We install a crack-repair filler into the crack, grind it smooth, and install our surface coating materials over the patched areas.  This repair is only temporary because hairline cracking will reappear once the temperature reaches fifty degrees Fahrenheit.  As moisture gets into the crack, the crack will expand and contract at a rate that is different from the asphalt base.  This causes the full crack to reappear within a few years.



Fabric Crack Repair

The most common type of crack repair we install is the fabric crack repair system. The fabric system we install uses flexible fabrics and adhesives to bridge over the crack.  We fill the crack with a crack-fill compound, install the fabric system over the crack, and seal it to the surface.  We resurface the court with our acrylic and latex based resins which ultimately covers the patched areas.  

This crack repair system works wonders because, as the asphalt base continues to shrink, the water-proof fabric expands and contracts with the base. The crack remains bridged and moisture is kept at bay. This repair will look great and will last for years and years.  

The fabric system is our highest recommend crack repair system. While the system will work for most courts, it may not work for all courts.  If the amount of cracking is too great, other alternatives will need to be considered.  


Asphalt Overlay


An asphalt overlay is a much more expensive option for court repair.  The repair option very effective and your court will look brand new.  The process starts by installing fabric over the surface cracks. Then 1”-2” of asphalt surface is installed over the entire court. The court is compacted and allowed to cure before surface cations are installed.  Once completed, the court will look and play like new.  

Most overlays will look brand new, but this repair is only temporary.  As years go by, reflective cracking from the original base will appear.  The cracks will start out as hairline cracks but will get larger and larger with each season.