Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. While the sport has similarities with tennis, the smaller size of the pad allows for multiple courts to be installed in a smaller space than that required for tennis courts. Due to the sport's immense popularity and convenient size, we have installed numerous courts in parks, recreational centers, and clubs. We use the American Sports Builders Association's recommendations for pickleball courts.  We recommend courts to be sized as follows:

  • Single Court: 30'x60'
  • Two Courts: 60'x60'
  • Three Courts: 90'x60'
  • Four Courts: 120'x60' 


Half-court, junior, high school, NCAA, or even international, we can install or repair outdoor courts of any shape or size.  The majority of courts we install are striped according to the NFHS regulations.  We use the American Sports Builders Association's recommendations for basketball courts. The recommended court dimensions are as follows:

  • Junior Basketball: 50'x(any length less than 74')
  • NFHS Basketball: 50'x74'
  • NCAA Basketball: 50'x94'
  • FIBA Basketball: 50'x91'-10"


Outdoor volleyball is another court of popularity in the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio area.  While these courts are larger than a single pickleball court, they are much smaller than a tennis or basketball court.  Therefore, the amount of space necessary to install a court is not limited to the standard 60'x120' like a tennis court.  The recommended size of the pad should be at least 42'x72' so that the free zone outside the lines is at least six feet all around the court.  



Futsal is gaining popularity at an incredible pace.  We are installing futsal courts throughout Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, and other metro locations. The dimensions for a futsal court vary.  This allows court conversions to happen fairly quickly.  Our goals are some of the most durable around.  We can customize our goals to fit your facility.